Wooden Pikler/Pikler triangle/Climbing triangle

$160.95 USD


Regular Pikler Triangle - Measures 25 inches high, 26 inches wide. 

When designing our Pikler triangle we had 3 things that were very important to us - 

  • High quality, and compliant with USA Testing standards for toys 
  • Simplicity, easy to assemble, and move around/fold 
  • Beautiful enough to be in your baby's bedroom, toy room, or living room! Because toys can be pretty too :)  

Made from high quality Pine and Birch wood, our Pikler can be folded up and carried from room to room, without the need of any tools, or turning any screws. Simply pick up, and push legs together. Our design is made so when fully opened, the Pikler supports itself, and stays open, and can easily hold 2 children at a time or an adult. 

And because we know that not all parents have the tools nor the time to try and assemble toys or products, we offer the option of buying the Pikler assembled! 

It will arrive fully assembled, and will just need unboxed , and it's ready to go!

The 2 in 1 climbing board/slide is made from Pine wood, and measures 40 inches long. 


Measurements : 

Width - 26 inches from leg-leg under the Pikler

Height- 24 inches when fully opened, from floor to top of legs.