Donations towards safe housing for refugee women in Greece

$5.00 USD

This listing is specifically for raising donations that will go towards finding safe housing for refugee women and children in Greece.  

Currently our shop helps provide an apartment for "M" who works with refugee women and children in need of a safe place to stay, and friendship. 

We would love to help provide more spaces like this in the future and our friends who live there are looking for more available houses/apartments. 

They also would like to open up a center for children in the future where children can play with toys, interact and have a calm, peaceful environment to rest in, and hopefully be able to begin healing emotionally from the trauma many of them have gone through already as babies/young children. 

To donate, you can purchase from this listing, $5- $100  

 Thank you in advance for helping, whether through giving or through prayer. 

For updates on this organization, follow I58 on Instagram, and to read more about "Ms" journey, she recently started an Instagram account where shell be sharing more about her book. Her Instagram is - A.wounded.lion.roars