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Wooden Baby Rattle

$18.99 USD

Maple wood rattles! These toys measure 6 inches long, and have 2 Maple wood rings on either side of a beehive bead. The beehive bead is not attached to the center rod, allowing it to slide back and forth, adding to the rattles sound, while also giving the toy extra texture and character.

Our rattles are handmade, like all the other items in our shop, and we work hard to stand out, not only in quality, but in our toys designs. Each toy is compliant with CPSC standards, and our new items are always tested by our own baby first, as we like to make sure an item is LOVED by babies, before adding a new product to the shop.

Your baby is sure to love the sound of this toy and many hours of chewing (or drooling, if they are like my baby) on the wooden rattle. It has been sanded smooth and soaked in organic coconut oil for 24 hours, then let dry for another 12 hours in a warm room so the oil can fully saturate the wood, helping it hold up as Baby chews and plays with it.

*Please note that these rattles should be used for children who are good with their motor skills (5 months+), as younger babies sometimes can not coordinate their arms and hands well enough and may accidentally hit themselves in the process of playing with this rattle.


Safety and Care:
- Each toy is compliant with CPSC standards

- The wood rings are sanded and treated with organic coconut oil, just like the wooden teether toys are.
- Wood sometimes needs upkeep, with food grade oil, to keep them smooth after baby chews and gets them wet.
- Simply use a rag, or your fingers to gently rub the oil into the wood and let dry for a few hours so it can soak into the wood.
- If wood becomes rough over time, you can sand it down slightly, and reapply the oil as needed.

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