Size 1 - BIBS pacifiers, baby pacifiers, Bibs, natural rubber pacifier, baby pacifier

$4.99 USD

BIBS Pacifiers - Size 1

in beautiful earth tones, and pretty pastels!

BIBS Pacifiers have been tested and used for 30 years, are light weight, and made from natural rubber. BPA Free, Chemical free, and adorable at the same time!

Easy to keep clean, just wash with warm water and soap, and allow to air dry. 

Save when you purchase a pack of two. Mix and match colors by selecting from the color options at checkout. 


SAFETY -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------BIBS recommends that you check the nipple every time before use, to make sure the rubber has not expanded too much from use. If it shows sign of wear ( usually after 3-6 months depending on babys use ) please discard. 

Due to it being a natural rubber, the nipple will wear  over time. Check pacifier each time before use, for signs of cracking or wear