Wooden clocks

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 Do you have a toddler ready for preschool or want some interactive educational toys for your playroom?  These wooden clocks are amazing learning tools and high quality as well! 
Made from maple and oak wood, with all the numbers engraved so they won’t run or peel off over time.  The clock hands can be moved separately, to practice both hours and minutes. 
comes with a pre- made hole in the back for hanging. 

These are made by another USA toy shop and we are so happy to add them to the shop for this season.  

Safety and Care:
- Each toy is compliant with CPSC standards

- Wood sometimes needs upkeep, with food grade oil, to keep them smooth if baby chews on it and gets them wet.
- Simply use a rag, or your fingers to gently rub the oil into the wood and let dry for a few hours so it can soak into the wood.
- If wood becomes rough over time, you can sand it down slightly, and reapply the oil as needed.

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